The fastest|easiest|cheapest|most flexible way to send money to Thailand. lets you send money to Thailand. Use Bitcoin and other crypto currencies to receive Thai Baht on your bankaccount. It's the ultimate way to send money from anywhere in this world at any time.
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We are borderless and don't know any limits. Our average transfer time till your money arrives is below 10 minutes.

24/7 Limitless

Always available at any time and anywhere. Banks might sleep but we won't.

Low Fees

We don't charge any extra fee, higher exchange rates or hide additional costs. You just pay the amount displayed.

Private & Secure

We don't need to know who you are and who you send money to. All we need to know is the account number and the amount.

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Introducing a new way to transfer money

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Bitcoin is borderless, fast, cheap and censorship resistent. 24/7. The modern way of transferring money across the globe.

Fast peer-to-peer

You will send your Bitcoin directly to us and we transfer Thai Baht to your account. No middle man involved.

Worldwide payments

Since we use Bitcoin, it doesn't matter where you send the money from and we don't need to verify you. Bitcoin is the financial revolution.


Bitcoin needs only 10 minutes to confirm a payment. Western Union, Moneygram and Banks are not just slower, have higher fees - they also close during night time and on weekends.


The fastest way to send money to Thailand. The average time for the money to arrive on the bankaccount is below 10 minutes after you submitted your payment.

Low Fees

We don't charge any extra fee, higher exchange rates or hide additional costs. You just pay the amount displayed and we are open to show them.


We don't need to know who you are and why you want to transfer money. All we need to know is which account number should receive how much.

Blockchain Ready

We accept Bitcoin (BTC). In near future we might accept other cryptocurrencies. Benefit from the digital money that everybody has access to.

24/7 Limitless

Transfer money from everywhere at anytime. Our system works day and night. Banks do sleep - but we won't.

Best support

We speak Thai, English and German. Whatever issue you have - we will help you and ensure you're satisfaction.

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Excellent, 4.5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.


As soon your payment is confirmed by the blockchain, we will make the transfer to your bankaccount. On average we finish this in less then 1.5 minutes. Day and night, even on public holidays.

Limits & Fees

Transfer from 500 THB up to 3 million with fees as low as 1.25%.

No Verification

Since we work with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, we don't need a complicated verification process. You don't even need to register on our website - reclaim your privacy.

Always transparent and with love

We love Bitcoin, Crypto and an open world. We don't like borders, hidden fees or breaking promises. Our service won't disappoint and our support is taking well care of you.

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Create an account and fund your Wallet. You will have lower fees and even more important: instant money Transfers.

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